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I happen to be the one with the Real Estate license. I enjoy sharing what I learn. And I'm accustomed to the exposure due to my passion project, Positivity with Dan. But the reality is that this is team effort and I'm not a traditional realtor. I purchase properties for myself and a small group of investors. The occasional friend slips in of course. Aside from that, there are various projects centered around making the real estate business easier.

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We have a network of trusted agents and we're happy to set you up with one in your location.

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If you're in need of an appraiser, we'd be happy to provide one in your area that's proven to be reputable.

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Generous Comments

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Dan's team made me feel like I was the top priority, almost as if my home was being purchased for Dan to live in too!

Michelle T.

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I've worked with Dan across numerous business interests spanning decades. I'd love to say I taught him everything he knows. But the truth is, I learned at least as much from him as he did from me.

Byron B.

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This team is killing it. I peppered them with enough questions to make Google start coming up empty and they didn't even flinch!

Jason G

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Real estate with dan

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Everyone is remote. I spend most of my time in Delaware.

Email: dan@dehomesale.com

Social: @RealEstateWithDan

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